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Martin Schorling

Martin Schorling
  • Senior Lab Agent
  • +45 52 30 20 55


Martin er strategi-facilitator og Innovationsagent. Han har faciliteret innovationsprocesser i Danmark og udland for bl.a. SIEMENS WIND POWER, APC/SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, KRIFA, AARHUS UNIVERSITET, INTEL, DONG ENERGY, COOP, AIBEL, TDC, NORSK PETROLEUMSFORENING, SILKEBORG KOMMUNE m.fl.

Hans erfaringer med iværksætteri og semi-nørdede interesse for startups, tech og disruptive forretningsmodeller, har ført til at Martin idag er specialiseret i få organisationer opgraderet til at agere i det digitale paradigme.

Martin er Senior Lab Agent & Strategy Lead hos Innovation Lab, samt aktiv partner i porteføljeselskaberne Sputnik5 og Digital by Innovation Lab.

Kompetencer: Strategi, innovationsledelse, digitalisering, konceptudvikling, foredrag, workshops, idégenerering (ideation), kompetenceudvikling, kreativitet, design thinking, entreprenørskab, facilitering, projektledelse

Kontakt Martin for en uforpligtende snak om dit næste innovationsprojekt.

Anbefalinger”Martin has become a reference point to me in terms of Innovation Processes and knowledge of the trend in this, at times, fleeting subject. I have always found him and his information to hold the highest integrity. Working with Martin is like working with a Mac after having toiled with PC’s for many years. The point being: When working with Martin (as when working with a Mac) everything becomes easy, possible and intuitive. You constantly find yourself wanting to increase your own expertise, so as to be able to use the multitude of functionalities that are just inherent in the Mac (the Martin). Martin is one of those rare people you meet; where you instantly know you have met a very relevant person, who has the traits of becoming someone of incredible significance.”— Olav Langdahl, SIEMENS WIND POWER

“Martin has a unique ability to stay updated on market trends within various industries, especially within the field of technology and online services. Martin can easily spot the business potential in a trend and transform it into a specific product or service. Martin’s approach to innovation is very practical and seamless. Martin is the kind of person who is able to facilitate a creative process while maintaining a high level of energy. I can highly recommend Martin for every type of innovation or product development process.”— Majid Ittaouil, HP Denmark

“I’ve met many talented creative people. I’ve also met many talented business people. What is truly rare – is someone who can combine these competencies beyond savvy business & management consulting. Martin is unique because he has a mind which is no where near the box, with the ability to come up with truly innovative ideas thats well anchored in value creation. His work has left clear footprints in the roll-out of Aibel’s management strategy and as been a great asset for it’s internal talent networking program “Young in Aibel”. Martin’s calm attitude makes him a great team player. He is easy going, thorough, and a pleasure to recommend!”— Marcus Hølland Eikeland, Aibel A/s

“From a business developer’s point of view the best experience is – an extremely satisfied client! Martin makes my job so much easier. Martin is original, professional and innovative in his work, his methods and performance. This means, he does not only deliver what is expected, but takes his time to analyze the client’s situation and builds a deliverable that goes beyond and moves them. — Heidi Svane Pedersen, Martin Professional “During my MBA studies with Martin in Australia in 2009 I had the pleasure to participate in a creative workshop which he facilitated for a couple of Master students in order to develop some business ideas. His approach was similar to other workshops which Sputnik5 has already conducted for other companies. I experienced the workshop as highly interesting with great outcomes. The way Martin facilitated the creative process was well thought through and the result exceeded my expectations. If I would face a situation in my work where I would require such consulting I would without doubt try to get Martin involved.”— Jürgen Salrein, SIEMENS Ltda.

“Our coorporation with Sputnik5 had its take off in 2010 when they facilitated our target setting for the 2011 strategy. For the strategy setting we used the Yellow, Green, Red creative workshop model. Part of our 2011 targets became the introduction of this creative workshop model for all employees in the department. Sputnik5 undertook the training activities for our department and the creative workshop model is still being used, as an proven tool to achieve better results in our workshops and problem solving activities. In spring 2013 we have started up the introduction of Appreciative Inquiry. During our collaboration Sputnik5 have proven their skills.”

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