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Mavericks by Innovation Lab

Exponential growth requires exponential bravery. That's where Maverick Wisdom comes in.

If you want to push the boundaries, innovation is essential, whilst also being critical for economic growth and survival. A major challenge companies face is understanding the environmental and individual factors that are the most conducive to innovation.

Billie Carn draws on her research on Mavericks from diverse industries to help your company identify, attract, and nurture Mavericks – Mavericks who have innovation in their DNA.

Billie has taught leadership and management of change in the UK, designed programs and curriculums, and written academic and policy papers.  She is a Fellow of the RSA, holds a Masters in Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership, and is an internationally renowned speaker.

More energy than a herd of stampeding rhinos and definitely a force for good in the world.

Chris Barez-Brown, Upping Your Elvis

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